At Little Preschool on Prairie in Paso Robles children have the opportunity to learn naturally, through play and exploration.

Through play they will make discoveries about the world around them, with a sense of wonder and awe. Through play they will make connections with their peers and practice the skills of working together, problem solving and self-regulation. Our preschool has a philosophy that all learning can take place through play.

Preschool kids using, time, space and raw materials to create
community of preschool children engaged in big body play in sand
Community of Joyful, kids playing in mud

We have set up unstructured space and times

with “raw materials” to challenge growth and discovery, as well as structured activities to give the mind something to chew on and digest.


We believe all children benefit greatly from time outdoors

immersed in nature with plenty of space and time to explore, discover and create. It is critical for their development in all areas. Many activities that can be done indoors can be done outdoors, while some activities are best done inside and some best done outside. We fully embrace the integration of outdoor and indoor space and activities as critical for children. We are committed to the Outdoor Classroom.


We have set up an educationally rich environment

with space and time to explore through art, literature, science and sensory activities. Our space is intentionally set up to foster creativity through music, movement, art, as well as storytelling and pretend play. All of our learning takes place through play. We want the children and their interests to lead. We put out materials or activities to feed and engage their interests.


We believe it is the responsibility of the teachers to observe the children

and have activities and materials, ready to promote child-led play. We use an emergent curriculum. We know great teachers are ready and willing to be flexible to meet the needs of each student.


We honor and cherish each age and stage of early childhood.

We believe early childhood should be celebrated and each child seen as a whole person. We will not push children in academics their brains are not ready to process. We work to support each child as an individual and as a member of our preschool community.


We strive to nurture each child

modeling acceptance of each child’s individuality, personality and individual temperament. We believe children deserve our respect and should be treated with warmth and kindness, and as unique individuals with different strengths, weaknesses, personalities, and learning styles.


We recognize each child as precious, valuable and unique.

We treasure each child as an individual with unique talents, creativity and contributions. We gently guide them in expressing these in a way that is kind, loving, and helpful to those around them.

Delighted, preschool kids splashing in mud
Preschool children engaged in active play, developing gross motor
Preschool boys using tonka trucks to build with pipes

Research shows that a child learns more through experience and exploration. There is a direct correlation between brain and body. Little Preschool on Prairie believes exploring, discovering and creating a sense of wonder are the keys to learning. We are committed to setting up our space to encourage experiences. Whether exploring our Mud pit, building in the Loose Parts area, climbing on the Stumps or Logs, or Painting at the large Community outdoor easel, learning happens everywhere. Bev Bos, my mentor and the expert of Play-based, Child-led learning said, “If it is in the hand and in the body it is in the brain.

Parents are the first and most important teachers of children. Little Preschool on Prairie is set up to enrich the lives of children in the Paso Robles area. We offer a half-day, morning Pre-School. We would like to partner with parents to bring Play as Learning to our children. We are a Play-Based Preschool. Learning is happening in everything that takes place here. In play-based preschool the environment is set up to allow child-led learning to take place. The Teachers are observant and ready to add to the learning taking place. Materials are open-ended to encourage imagination, self-regulation, discovery, and a sense of wonder

All people have a desire to express themselves. Children are born desiring to be creative, to make something to sing a song, At Little Preschool on Prairie we set up our environment to ensure children the opportunities to explore their creativity through inside and outside play, Art and music, literature and storytelling, pretend play and nature play. We believe every child will blossom creatively here.

Preschool kids climbing a tree
Preschoolers balancing on self created see saw
boy and girl building a friendship over magnetiles

Creativity is the process of self-expression.

We all need the ability to express ourselves.

Children need plenty of opportunities for creative play and creative thinking.

Creative expression is fostered by giving children time, space and materials to be creative with.

Children need time to explore and pursue their own ideas through art and music as well as pretend play and storytelling.