Marie and Joseph are amazing and have helped our child develop in to an amazing and emotion understanding child. We had a bad experience prior with a local private school and found Little Preschool on the Prairie. We were welcomed with open arms, understanding and compassion. While daughter attended this preschool we found she was more in tuned with her emotions and she came home full of happiness. Her overall demeanor changed and she blossomed at this school. We would highly recommend Little Preschool on the Prairie to anyone looking for an amazing play-based preschool for their child. Thank you Marie and Joseph for all you do!

Amy Heuer

Two of my children have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to attend Little Preschool on Prairie. This play based preschool encourages creativity, independence and helps children stretch their imagination while creating a fun and stimulating environment that promotes learning. In addition, my children learned valuable life skills here such as communication skills, teamwork, problem-solving skills and self-confidence. Marie’s good nature, kind heart and immense amount of patience is impressive. She is truly passionate about teaching and goes above and beyond to ensure that the children in her care are not only learning but are having fun doing it. She has vast knowledge of child development and extensive experience working with children who have both cognitive and developmental disabilities. Marie contributed greatly to my children’s development in their early years, especially to my daughter who had some early delays. Her expertise is unmeasurable. My children and I couldn’t have been happier with our experience at Little Preschool on Prairie, it was an ideal fit for my children. Teaching through play really allowed my kids to thrive and they looked forward to attending daily. This is by far the best preschool we have experienced, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for fun, play based learning.

Nicolee Jeter

Little Preschool on Prairie was such a special place of self discovery for my daughter. She quickly made friends, learned her boundaries and how to express them, her confidence grew, as well as her independence. Marie is a true family advocate, offers resources, and doesn’t shy away from challenging situations. Her demeanor around the children is always calm, gentle, and exudes confidence as she lets children discover their abilities and interests. Little Preschool on Prairie is wonderful for children to endlessly explore, all while being surrounded by loving adults that can guide them in their discoveries.

Courtney Perales

We absolutely loved Little Preschool on Prairie. My son had a speech delay the socializing & play based learning really engaged him which help his speech develop. This is a wonderful preschool for kids that are hyper and cannot sit still. It was amazing for us.

Krystle Von Dollen

Preschool for kids that are hyper and cannot sit still…

This is the absolute best preschool for children to love to learn and learn through play. Marie has so much patience and has designed her yard into a child’s oasis of fun! My daughter loved going to school and even though she usually was filthy dirty when I picked her up, I knew it was all worth it. She learned how to climb trees, swing independently at just under two years old, and cross the monkey bars. Children need to play more, and this is the best play-based preschool there is. They also learn academics, socialization, and appropriate behavior skills.

Becca Simmons-Thompson

Children need to play more…

My middle son was receiving services through the school district for anxiety, selective mutism and autism. He was completing his days but not thriving.

I began my search for something more in line of how I treat him at home.

We joined preschool on prairie and felt lucky to be a part of the preschool family for two years.

They respected my son even though he was well beyond the age to be potty trained and still in diapers, nonverbal, and anxious. They helped put my mind at ease and keep me up to date on his day and progress.

The staff gave me tools and encouragement for my whole family (my oldest son has autism as well) I felt extremely supported in my decision-making process for my kids.

The kids become very self-sufficient, problem solvers, creative and independent thinkers.

Cannot wait to send our third baby to preschool on prairie for her turn!


Kids become very self-sufficient, problem solvers…

Words cannot convey the gratitude my family has for Marie and her program. As the mother of two very prematurely born twin boys and a developmental psychologist, my threshold for what I was looking for in a daycare/educational program was quite high. Marie’s school more than met that threshold as I entrusted her with my children. Her approach is to dedicate herself, her staff and the school environment in its totality to the fostering of emotional, physical and academic development of the children in her care. She focuses on using positive reinforcement with consistent and firm boundaries that allowed my sons to feel not only safe in her care, loved but masterful and empowered to exercise their growing abilities. She uses the latest research to structure learning units and play time. For example, the playground area could one day offer treasure hunts for objects that educate, a sensory exploration of a “planet” another day or obstacle course. Marie more than once educated herself on a particular topic and then provided me with resources. For example, fine motor skill development and emotional modulation. An unexpected byproduct of Marie’s program is how she somehow created extended families between the parents and children. I have very close friendships as do my sons with other families that attended during the same time period. Marie is able to create a sense of community where children experience feeling loved and supported and in turn show those same emotions to their peers. I just do not have sufficient way to communicate what a wonderfully unique experience it is to attend Marie’s program for anyone fortunate to get a slot.
Muriel Yanez-Knoph

Words cannot convey the gratitude

My children have both attended Little Preschool on the Prairie. I cannot say enough wonderful things about everything about this preschool. From the play-based curriculum, to the staff, to the setup of the entire school. Owner, Marie Kelmis possesses a passion and knowledge for what she does that creates a positive synergistic effect to all children attending her school. She attends ongoing training and seminars pertaining to her field to learn more in order to benefit the children she serves.  Marie and her staff have given my children many tools and resources to help them resolve conflicts with other children, helped them to navigate through difficult and sometimes strong emotions and impulsivity, and allowed them to explore and express themselves through outdoor and child led play, pretend play…just to name a few.

My children truly came out of her program more self-aware, self-regulated, and ready for the next step of their school timeline than I had ever anticipated. In my opinion, this is the number one choice of preschools in Paso Robles. I am forever grateful for all the lessons, fun, and experiences my children gained at this school. Marie and her staff are all so kind, understanding, knowledgeable, and truly stellar leaders to tiny humans that I have met.


More self-aware, self-regulated, and ready for the next step…

We my daughter and I have had an AMAZING Experience at the LITTLE PRESCHOOL ON PRAIRIE . She has learned so much and really come out of her shell. She has been working on small motor skills such as scissors, eyedroppers, play-do and lots of other fun and creative activities. She also worked on her communication with other by playing with the other kids, playing in the mud, creating all kinds of projects and just sitting and enjoying lunch!! Marie is exceptional at communicating the needs and desires of the patients and child, helping to achieve the goals of each child.

Thank you so much for a great experience!!!


Learned so much and really come out of her shell

Marie Kelmis and the other teachers at the Little Preschool on Prairie were totally inspirational to both my kids. Marie broke through with my son who has Autism. To finally break his fear of going to bathroom, something that as parents could not get him to do. It was glorious day. They encouraged Gabby to never be afraid to get dirty. Such an amazing place and I recommend it highly!

Heath Dunn

They encouraged Gabby to never be afraid to get dirty