My family has been part of the Little Preschool on Prairie family since my now seven year old daughter was 16 months old. Marie, Joseph, and Wendy were more than what we asked for.

They provide a fun, safe, loving environment where children thrive. Having had two children, one an alumni and one a current student, I have seen many children beginning their first days, shy and uncertain then bloom. They will race their parents to the door, unable to wait the start of their day.

Marie truly loves what she does and she she is a firm believer in learning through play which can be seen by the sand/mud area, water area, balance logs, and (yeah, someone still has them) climbing tree that has been affectionately named, Nessie.

This is not a place for Sunday best. I have picked up my daughter covered in mud and once or twice, covered in paint. My son’s feet grew accustomed to dirt, mud, and balance beams. And they learn. Both my children have surprised me with what they learned and they learned more than just academics. They learned patience, compassion and cooperation. How Little Preschool on Prairie does it, I have no idea but I am so thankful that I found them.