As a single working mother I wanted my 3 year not just to be in a daycare, I wanted her to be able to learn, laugh, play, explore new things with structure and encouragement . This is what I found at Little Preschool on Prairie. My daughter truly enjoyed going to school here where she learned songs that she would sing at home such as ABC’s and prayer songs and many more with a smile on her little face. This is important to me as a mother because kids love to sing and educational songs are a necessary for Kindergarten and prayer songs because we are a christian family that puts God first. She would come home with paint or mud in her hair and i would ask her “did you have fun today” and she would say “yes mom, fun and paint, and friends” So not only was she learning but having fun as well. I was working on potty training with my daughter and they helped her along and now she if fully potty trained. This is a big plus. I also loved the fact that i can go on Facebook and see pictures of her exploring and having fun with all the kids. The time that my 3 year old was attending Little Preschool on Prairie I had seen a big difference in my daughter such as attitude, respect for others, wanting to help more,be independent and explore more, due to the nurturing and encouraging environment they provided. Family and friends noticed a difference. Even when their was not school she still ask to go and when she was going back. She was extremely excited every morning to get ready and go to school. I would recommend to every one I know to take their children here. Grandmother approved!