To whom it may concern,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation. My son & daughter attended Little Preschool on Prairie for over 3 years. During this time, Marie & Joseph exceeded my expectations for what a daycare could offer. They offer a structured, loving, fun, natural place for children to spend their day. Among all the things I love, the thing that sticks out would be their ability to teach the children how to communicate. Whether it be through sign language, “using their words” to talk out arguments between the kids and explaining emotions so the children can relate & understand. This was a huge tool for my little guy as he continued to kindergarten. I also really appreciate the way they help the kids transition into the “next step”. Separation, crib to cot at naps, diapers to potty training, preschool setting, circle time, trying new foods, offering new games and projects as they are ready. Joseph is great at capturing these moments on camera!

They plan lots of great activities for the kids. Among the amazing back yard, my son loved the different sensory tables, balancing, climbing, & running challenges, music time, painting, reading chairs, bug collecting & especially…the water tables and the MUD. The kids are presented with lots of activities that other places would not even think about. Marie is not afraid to let the kids explore & create & get dirty or wet.

Through the years, my son’s language disability was discovered, and Marie & Joseph were more than willing to be an active participant to help us with this. Because Marie continues her education as a teacher, she has a wealth of knowledge & is always up to date with current techniques.

All the kids respect, trust & love Marie & Joseph. They are firm, kind, gentle, & respectful towards the kids. I believe following through is the key to discipline, they prove it.

I am a very hands on parent & although I had to work & leave my children every day, I still enjoyed hearing about his day. Not only do Marie & Joseph note the basics (eat, sleep, poop) but they recall boo-boo’s, arguments, funny answers, & his overall mood. We will never forget all they have taught us.

Marie & Joseph are very special & we are very blessed to have them in all our lives. We will miss all the friends as well & their great families. Little Preschool on Prairie has been a wonderful chapter in our lives! I continue to recommend them in the highest regard!

Delani Mastagni

Mother of 2