We were so very fortunate to find Little Preschool on Prairie. Our daughter started attending Little Preschool on Prairie when she was two and a half years old. She was struggling with increased seizure activity and prescription side effects. With the guidance, support, and love from Marie and Wendy she flourished and made huge developmental growth! She learned how to make good choices, express herself, work with a group, and become more independent. Marie kept a close watch for signs of seizures and made sure to keep us involved with what was going on. She goes above and beyond to ensure the safety and well being of all the kids in her care. As a parent, you have to trust the person who is caring for your child. At Little Preschool on Prairie we always knew our daughter was in the best care.

Each child learns and responds differently. Marie’s extensive knowledge in child development enables her to offer each child what they require to learn and develop to their fullest. No other facility comes close to offering what Little Preschool on Prairie does. The majority of the day is spent outside where the the children choose the activity they want to be involved in and are encouraged to explore, be creative, and learn by play. Every area of the facility is set up to help develop fine and gross motor skills, social development, and cognitive development. There are new activities set up in morning, as well as individual and group projects available during the day to keep each child engaged and involved. And just as important, children are able to make choices. It is so important for them, and all of us, to learn how to make good choices! Besides the amazing gift of helping your child develop mentally,  they also have an outdoor classroom and absolutely fabulous outdoor play area where each child can physically and socially develop in group and individual activity. Our daughter really enjoyed playing in the mud kitchen, painting, going on the swings and the monkey bars, as well as pretend play. We all want to give our children the best. Little Preschool on Prairie does just that. They are dedicated to continued learning, growing, and evolving the facility to best serve the children. The superior facility and loving staff create a safe environment for your child to learn and grow. I recommend Little Preschool on Prairie to anyone with a preschool aged child!