My children have both attended Little Preschool on the Prairie. I cannot say enough wonderful things about everything about this preschool. From the play-based curriculum, to the staff, to the setup of the entire school. Owner, Marie Kelmis possesses a passion and knowledge for what she does that creates a positive synergistic effect to all children attending her school. She attends ongoing training and seminars pertaining to her field to learn more in order to benefit the children she serves.  Marie and her staff have given my children many tools and resources to help them resolve conflicts with other children, helped them to navigate through difficult and sometimes strong emotions and impulsivity, and allowed them to explore and express themselves through outdoor and child led play, pretend play…just to name a few.

My children truly came out of her program more self-aware, self-regulated, and ready for the next step of their school timeline than I had ever anticipated. In my opinion, this is the number one choice of preschools in Paso Robles. I am forever grateful for all the lessons, fun, and experiences my children gained at this school. Marie and her staff are all so kind, understanding, knowledgeable, and truly stellar leaders to tiny humans that I have met.