My son Wyatt went to Little Preschool on Prairie from age 15 month to four years old. The only reason we left was that their times had changed from full time to half time, which did not align with our work schedules.

Wyatt loved it there! And so did we. It was like sending your kid to stay with your favorite aunt at her house. The environment was so loving and warm and inviting. It is very hard to leave your 15 month old with someone else – but he was so happy there and I just knew he was in good and safe hands. I especially liked the amount of time he got to play and spend outdoors, get dirty, sensory games and enjoy being a child while still learning and experiencing new things. I truly believe we should let our kids be kids as long as possible, let them play outdoors, climb a tree, get muddy and wet and get paint in their hair. And he had all this and more at Mrs Marie’s. And while he played, he also learned how to count and sing songs, he learned some sign language and how to get along with other kids, how to use the potty and to listen to his friends and the teacher during story times.

Little Preschool on Prairie offers a well rounded, and oh so loving environment for your kids. I’m feeling very blessed that my son Wyatt got to spend his first years of daycare here. Mrs Marie and Mr Joseph will always be part of our family!