To whom it may concern,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation. My son & daughter attended Little Preschool on Prairie for over 3 years. During this time, Marie & Joseph exceeded my expectations for what a daycare could offer. They offer a structured, loving, fun, natural place for children to spend their day. Among all the things I love, the thing that sticks out would be their ability to teach the children how to communicate. Whether it be through sign language, “using their words” to talk out arguments between the kids and explaining emotions so the children can relate & understand. This was a huge tool for my little guy as he continued to kindergarten. I also really appreciate the way they help the kids transition into the “next step”. Separation, crib to cot at naps, diapers to potty training, preschool setting, circle time, trying new foods, offering new games and projects as they are ready. Joseph is great at capturing these moments on camera!

They plan lots of great activities for the kids. Among the amazing back yard, my son loved the different sensory tables, balancing, climbing, & running challenges, music time, painting, reading chairs, bug collecting & especially…the water tables and the MUD. The kids are presented with lots of activities that other places would not even think about. Marie is not afraid to let the kids explore & create & get dirty or wet.

Through the years, my son’s language disability was discovered, and Marie & Joseph were more than willing to be an active participant to help us with this. Because Marie continues her education as a teacher, she has a wealth of knowledge & is always up to date with current techniques.

All the kids respect, trust & love Marie & Joseph. They are firm, kind, gentle, & respectful towards the kids. I believe following through is the key to discipline, they prove it.

I am a very hands on parent & although I had to work & leave my children every day, I still enjoyed hearing about his day. Not only do Marie & Joseph note the basics (eat, sleep, poop) but they recall boo-boo’s, arguments, funny answers, & his overall mood. We will never forget all they have taught us.

Marie & Joseph are very special & we are very blessed to have them in all our lives. We will miss all the friends as well & their great families. Little Preschool on Prairie has been a wonderful chapter in our lives! I continue to recommend them in the highest regard!

Delani Mastagni

Mother of 2

A structured, loving, fun, natural place for children to spend their day…

When my husband and I started looking into preschool for our first born son Declan, we were so overwhelmed. A friend of mine took me to the open house for Little Preschool on the Prairie and the decision was made. Observing the way Miss Marie & Miss Wendy went about teaching the kids through way of play and interaction was something I knew our son needed. They teach the kids to experiment with their surroundings (while being safe), how to use their words and communicate their feelings without being physical (we all know how difficult that is for a preschooler) and let them be creative and use their imagination all while learning the essentials needed to head off the kindergarten. When it is time for my second son to go to preschool, there is no other choice…he WILL be going to Little Preschool on the Prairie Preschool.

Brenna Brady

My son’s experience at Little Preschool has been life-changing and life-giving.  He feels listened too, loved and safe.  Their style of school allows kids to be kids and to explore the world. There is a section of the outside play area called, “loose parts” where my son can work with his friends and build things out of crates and tubing and using their own imagination create a whole new world.  There was a time that all the kids wanted to push big trucks around and they brought in more dirt one weekend and made an amazing space for the kids to push the trucks around in.  As a parent, I love that at this preschool playing and learning go hand and hand.  There is no doubt that the teachers love what they are doing and care for all the kids at the preschool. Seriously, we love Little Preschool on Prairie!

Amy Boggs

I am so grateful we found Little Preschool on Prairie! My daughter is getting an opportunity to socialize and learn body awareness and skills that will help her grow into adulthood in a safe, organized environment surrounded by a community that fosters love and independence. There has been a positive change in her attitude and language. She’s a much better playmate with her sister and I love all of her cute little songs she comes home singing!

Breanna MayerPhelps

Little Preschool on Prairie is a wonderful place for our son. Marie and Wendy are so empathetic and patient with the kids.  They both inspire me to be a better mom.  I truly feel that they treat each child as an individual and foster all the children’s budding personalities. I love that the kids are able to explore outside and engage in a variety of activities they are interested in. Our son has learned how to interact with others respectfully and use his words to tell others how he feels. I can’t imagine having him anywhere else. And when our younger son is old enough he will go there too! We love Little Preschool!

Lacey Akins

My son Wyatt went to Little Preschool on Prairie from age 15 month to four years old. The only reason we left was that their times had changed from full time to half time, which did not align with our work schedules.

Wyatt loved it there! And so did we. It was like sending your kid to stay with your favorite aunt at her house. The environment was so loving and warm and inviting. It is very hard to leave your 15 month old with someone else – but he was so happy there and I just knew he was in good and safe hands. I especially liked the amount of time he got to play and spend outdoors, get dirty, sensory games and enjoy being a child while still learning and experiencing new things. I truly believe we should let our kids be kids as long as possible, let them play outdoors, climb a tree, get muddy and wet and get paint in their hair. And he had all this and more at Mrs Marie’s. And while he played, he also learned how to count and sing songs, he learned some sign language and how to get along with other kids, how to use the potty and to listen to his friends and the teacher during story times.

Little Preschool on Prairie offers a well rounded, and oh so loving environment for your kids. I’m feeling very blessed that my son Wyatt got to spend his first years of daycare here. Mrs Marie and Mr Joseph will always be part of our family!

Sarah Palt

We could not be happier with the experiences we have had at Little Preschool on Prairie’s childcare. Our oldest three children have all attended, and our youngest will as well. It is truly a home away from home. Ms. Marie and Ms. Wendy are so knowledgeable and caring and patient, you can tell they genuinely care about the children and love what they do.
The kids have so much fun with all the play based learning and sensory activities and don’t even realizing that they’re “learning.” My oldest started Kindergarten last year and it was a seamless transition. In fact, I think the social skills he learned at Little Preschool really empowered him and set him up for success! His time there was so enjoyable he still begs to visit any chance we get.
I cannot say enough good things, I already get sad thinking about our youngest child’s last day… And she hasn’t even started yet!

Stephanie Hutchinson