Research shows that a child learns more through experience and doing.

There is a direct correlation between brain and body. Little Preschool on Prairie believes exploring, discovering and creating a sense of wonder are the keys to learning. We are committed to setting up our space to encourage experiences. Whether exploring our Mud pit, building in the Loose Parts area, climbing on the Stumps or Logs, or Painting at the large Community outdoor easel, learning happens everywhere. Bev Bos, the guru of Play-based, Child-led learning said, “If it is in the hand and in the body it is in the brain”

Preschool muddy play
Preschool kids painting at an easel
Preschool girls engaged in outdoor motor skills

Mud/Sand Play

Mud play lends itself to a multitude of sensory activities and benefits. Most of us think of mud/and play as a very tactile (touchy/feely) activity and don’t realize how much more mud play is actually benefiting our children’s sensory systems. Sand, mud and water all provide important tactile, proprioceptive, and vestibular input. A child with a properly developed sensory system will be able to self-regulate, attend to activities, or function with their peers in social situations. They will be more aware of their body. and where it is in space, as well as how close they are to others. Mud provides an excellent opportunity for this as children stick their hands and/or feet in mud. Sinking objects, mixing more dirt to thicken mud or adding water to make mud more squishing is all sensory developing

Delighted, preschool kids splashing in mud
messy, muddy preschool play
Preschool kids burying their feet in the sand

Loose Parts/Raw Materials

Loose parts area is full of empty crates, tree cookies, tubes, small stumps, a few loose sleds All kinds of “raw Materials” to build with. Imagination is encouraged. Problem solving is developed. Co-operation is refined. Children use communication and co-operation to plan and build! Stumps, tree logs strategically placed on our outdoor play ground strengthens large motor development. Climbing, jumping or pretend play develops body awareness in. a child. This improves a child’s ability to sense his/her body’s position and be aware of their surroundings.

Preschool boy walking on tree stumps developing balance, eye foot coodination and motor planning
Six kids holding hands balancing on a board on a log
Preschool kids playing with loose parts

Community Painting

Community Painting is set up at a large Plexiglas easel located on our outdoor play yard. Creative expression is fostered as well as developing co-operation, communication, tactile input, color mixing, and a sense of self.

preschool kids painting
Preschool boy painting creatively
preschool child enjoying sensory painting and creativity