Marie Kelmis Preschool Director

Marie Kelmis

Hi I am Marie. I grew up the oldest in a large farm family here in Paso Robles. As kids we lived the best life. Lots of free time, lots of space and lots of raw materials. The farm was our playground! We worked together and played together. We had responsibility and fun! We climbed trees and made forts. We built stuff out of other stuff. As I grew up, I earned an A. A. degree in Early Childhood Education from Cuesta and taught for a short time. My husband and I then began a family.

The real Early childhood education began! Raising kids is amazing! You learn so much from them! We homeschooled our kids and loved every moment of it. I learned so much! I began Little Preschool on Prairie about 17 years ago as my oldest was going away to college and my middle child just beginning college and my youngest, halfway through high school. My philosophy of early education has grown and evolved to what it is today. I am not done learning! I doubt I ever will be. I have had the opportunity to learn from some great mentors and teachers. Bev Bos, Michael Leeman, Dan Hodges and many other play-based people. I have attended the Outdoor Classroom workshops, Children’s art classes and Social/Emotional workshops. I yearly, continue to attend workshops and classes to enhance our preschool.

Over the past several years, I have been blessed with 7 grandkids. I have learned so much from them! During the past 15 years of leading and learning from the amazing kids that have been a part of the Little Preschool on Prairie community I think the most profound thing I have come away with is to wait. To wait and give a child time to work out their thought process, conflict, wonder, joy or whatever it is. Give them supported time to work out their emotions and then their actions. By waiting for the child to work it out on their own and being totally available, only as needed, the child gains power and confidence that they can gain no other way!