Delighted, preschool kids splashing in mud

In 2019, I would have said that in an increasingly overscheduled world, play is even more important. Now, just 4 months later and in the midst of a global pandemic, I repeat the same message, and for a similar reason– play brings joy.

The benefits of play are no secret. Children learn about the world and people around them, develop the skills to manage their bodies and emotions, and discover who they are and where they fit into their community.

When our current world seems to be changing by the minute– where presently, schools have taken to distance learning, parents are laid off or working from home while caring for and educating their children, and social gatherings are limited or prohibited due to shelter-in-place orders, play might be the furthest thing on people’s mind. However, in addition to basic health and nutritional needs, play is essential.

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